Manufacturing Equipment, Software and Service Solutions Suppliers.

For over 30 years Unisoft software has been in use in Electronic Contract and OEM manufacturers. The Unisoft software programs Assembly, AOI, ATE Test, Selective Soldering equipment and offers CAD to CAD conversions, etc.

If you are an equipment or service solutions supplier to the electronics manufacturing industry Unisoft makes it easy to program your equipment from virtually any CAD, Gerber and BOM files. In addition to your customers the Unisoft software can be used to aid your Application Sales Engineers, Distributors, Reps, etc.

Some options available:

CAD Importing

With the Unisoft software you immediately have the ability to import all types of CAD file formats into your hardware or software. This software developed over 30 years imports all types of ECAD, MCAD and BOM formats for easy integration into your environment. In fact some of the Unisoft importers import very old formats from the 1980's and 1990's that your clients may still be using.

The Unisoft software can output directly to your desired format or you can use our standard outputs such as GENCAD, IPC-2581, Fabmaster FATF, IPC-D-356, MENTOR Neutral, PADS Ascii, Unisoft .xml format, Unisoft .FBA format, XY center & rotation, etc.

These standardized CAD and CAD type files the Unisoft software exports are used by production equipment vendors, customers and other software systems that import this format into their environment.

This allows manufacturing equipment vendors, our customers or other software systems to import the multitude of ever changing and new CAD and Gerber systems on the market via the Unisoft software and export out a single standardized file that they then import into their equipment or software system.

So the benefit is having to import only a single simple file by having the Unisoft software support the multitude of ever changing and new CAD and Gerber systems.

The CAD and CAD type files exported can have component reference designator names, pin numbers, part numbers, netlists, net names, trace runs, pin x/y, via x/y, board layers, device type SMD/THD, board outline, via type standard / buried / blind-accessible-top / blind-accessible-bottom, etc.

Also there is a Unisoft .xml format export that is available. The .xml export is often a preferred stable output that equipment vendors and software suppliers adopt — details at Unisoft xml export definitions specifications.

Direct machine programming

You receive the same CAD importing capabilities as above and in addition the Unisoft software creates the exact optimized files to directly program your manufacturing equipment.

Unisoft software modules are available for most popular electronic manufacturing equipment such as Pick & Place/Thru-Hole Assembly, Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI), Selective Soldering, Selective Conformal Coating, In-Circuit ATE, Flying Probe ATE equipment, etc.

Repair Station

The displayed PCB assembly and generated schematic can be used with repair stations and can be controlled remotely from your application or equipment via the Unisoft API programming interface — see Remote API control of the Unisoft software.

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