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Save time for SMT and thru-hole machine programming and usage.

ProntoPLACE, used by electronics manufacturers, will quickly program your surface mount SMT and thru-hole assembly equipment. Universal, Fuji, Mydata / Mycronic, Siemens, Sony, Panasonic, Assembleon / Philips, Contact Systems (CS400, etc.), Camelot, Quad assembly and others are supported. Also create work and assembly instructions, etc.

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Manufacturing execution system mes software product tracking

CELLS WORKFLOW Product Tracking MES is a full Manufacturing Process Control Software System providing Plant Intelligence for any industry. NPI, lean manufacturing, track product, inventory tracking software, defect tracking software, data collection, document delivery and control, and Statistical Process Control (SPC) quality reporting.

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Documentation process for pcb manufacturing with process sheets for pcb software pcb production cad viewer gerber viewer and allegro viewer plus powerful pcb viewer

PCB technician troubleshoot and debug find components find shorts between traces debug and repair PCB schematic hyper linked to PCB assembly find pins nets netnames part number fast pc board inspection

ProntoVIEW-MARKUP displays the PC Board, creates process assembly instruction documents, First Article Inspection, assembly and parts cost estimation reports to aid job quotations, repair/rework, technician troubleshooting, quickly find components, pins, shorts between traces, hyperlinked schematic and assembly, etc.

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Save time for AOI machine programming and usage.

ProntoAOI, used by electronics manufacturers, will quickly program your Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) machines. Program most popular AOI Equipment such as YES Tech, Mirtec, Orbotech, Agilent, Omron, CyberOptics, Viscom, Quad, Machine Vision Products (MVP), ViTechnology, Landrex Technologies, Christopher Associates / Marantz, Photon Dynamics, Camtek, etc.

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Converts CAD or Gerber files to Selective Soldering machine program files.

ProntoSELECTIVE-SOLDERING, used by electronics manufacturers, will quickly program your Selective Soldering machines. Program most popular Selective Soldering Equipment such as ACE Production Technologies, RPS Automation, Vitronics Soltec, APS NOVASTAR, Pillarhouse Soldering Systems, etc.

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Documentation process for pcb manufacturing with process sheets for pcb software pcb production cad viewer gerber viewer and allegro viewer plus powerful pcb viewer

ProntoGERBER CONNECTION — If you have only Gerber data files to work with then ProntoGERBER-CONNECTION can help you! ProntoGERBER CONNECTION imports raw Gerber data and allows the user to add intelligent information to the shapes on the display. This smart data is then used directly by the other Unisoft OneFACTORY software modules or export to standard ASCII file formats for use by other manufacturing systems.

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Save time for test equipment programming and usage.

ProntoTEST-FIXTURE, used by electronics manufacturers, will accurately setup your Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), Flying Probe and design your "bed of nails" test fixturing.

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CAD CONNECT: Importing CAD Files

Outputs to most popular Assembly, AOI, and ATE Test Eequipment.

CAD CONNECT imports CAD, drawing files, Gerber, etc. into the Unisoft OneFACTORY suite. CAD CONNECT imports CAD files from most popular CAD systems such as Mentor, PADS, Intergraph, OrCAD, Protel, Accel PCAD / Tango, Valid, etc. Reads in standards such as ipcd356, ipc-2581, ipc2581, GENCAD, HPGL, gerber, etc.

Free PCB CAD Viewer &
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