Ate Tester and Fixture Translation Services

Save time for test equipment programming and usage.

Import virtually all CAD and GERBER formats and Outputs to most popular In-Circuit and Flying Probe ATE. Also outputs to Gencad, Fabmaster, PADS, Mentor Graphics, ipc-d-356, ipc-2581, ipc2581, etc.

DEMONSTRATIONS: The fastest way to learn about the Unisoft software is usually to go online with us and we can process one of your PC Boards or use our data files to show you the software. We highly recommend a hands-on demonstration and we are available now or virtually anytime to go online with you — contact us.

Questions or Online Meeting Demonstrations

If you have a question use the email that follows or call us.

Online meetings are usually the fastest way to learn about the Unisoft software. We can go online virtually anytime and process one of your PC Board projects or use our data files to show you the software.

For questions or to start a meeting, email us (enable JavaScript for our email addressservice_test.htm) or call us (enable JavaScript for our phone number) . If we are available we can go online immediately or you can set up a time for an online meeting.

To start an online meeting the procedure is simple

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TRIAL SOFTWARE: Another quick way to learn about the software is to download the trial software.

The trial software has HELP for most menu items by hovering over the menu item for a second then click any of the videos, manual or website links to learn about the software.

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Use our in-house ATE TESTER AND FIXTURE TRANSLATION SERVICES to convert your CAD or GERBER files into real reference designators, netlists, X/Y component pin geometries, values, tolerances, part numbers, etc. Also Gerber to Takaya Flying Probe IPC-D-356 / IPC-2581 / ipc2581 file. This data is then used by Test Engineers to program their ATE (Genrad ".ckt", Teradyne "ipl", Hewlett Packard "board & board x/y"), MDA, and flying probe test equipment (Takaya, Spea, etc.) and design the "Bed of Nails" test fixtures. Need gerber conversion, gerber to netlist, x/y, etc.? Our in-house translation services are reasonably priced. Contact Unisoft for details or fill in the "ASSEMBLY EQUIPMENT PROGRAMMING SERVICE FORM" below.

Do you have special problems such as gerber translation? For example: You do not have the native CAD files for your project. You only have the raw Gerber Files and a BOM (Bill Of Materials). You need to program your ATE "Automatic Test Equipment" and you do not know where to turn — we can do it for you! We take your gerber files and BOM and create the exact Reference Designators, Net List, X/Y, Part Number, Values and Tolerance data you need to program your project. Of course the software also imports virtually all standard native CAD file types too!

You may already have Test software that you use to program your ATE Test equipment but you need a way to convert newer or non supported cad file formats to this software. Unisoft can import virtually any CAD format and export a standard file for import to your existing ATE Test software. Output formats include GENCAD, Fabmaster, ipcd356, ipc-2581, ipc2581, Mentor Graphics, PADS .ASC, etc. For example, Unisoft can import virtually any CAD file format and export to Teradyne/Genrad D2B Alchemist or Fabmaster Test Expert software. We can sell you this software for your use or can perform a translation service for you and return the correct files to you.

If you are at that point a possible next step in your evaluation is an online demonstration. For questions or to schedule a demonstration, call us (enable JavaScript for our phone number) or email us ().

IMPORTING CAD FILES: A list and samples of the CAD file formats Unisoft imports are on our Importing CAD Files page.

Customer Comments

Below are comments from a Unisoft client for a CAD Translation project Unisoft completed for them in November of 2005. The customer is Jim Wasilewski Test Manager at MPI (Microboard Processing Inc.) in Seymour, Connecticut ( MPI is a medium size contract manufacturer. Jim had two PC Boards with only the raw gerber files available and needed to create full netlists, X/Y component and pin information, traces, etc. to program their Takaya Flying Probe Test Equipment to test the PC Boards.

"I have the programs loaded on the Takaya for both PC Boards. I am ready to start the debug …. Unisoft did a great job working together on this to get the translations completed."

Jim Wasilewski
Microboard Processing Inc.

"Thanks for the new IPC file for the PC board, it seems fine to me. I've made a test program for the Takaya based on it. Thanks for your help with these boards, it wouldn't have been possible without your support."

Bill Schulte
Paragon Software, Inc.

Sample test equipment and fixture setup files created by Unisoft ProntoTEST-FIXTURE (all popular machine specific formats supported):


*Dig U1 386EX P/N 395380-01-4;
*Cap C1 10u 20 20 f P/N 3H100M-CR-1;
*Ind L1 33u 10 10 10 f P/N 3XCTX3-32-P;
*Res R12 10k 1 1 f P/N 3XBT10-02-F;
BATT1 1.UN002137 2.GND 5.UN002137 6.GND;
C1 1.+5VB 2.GND;
C6 1 X 2.200 Y 2.750
C6 2 X 2.200 Y 2.850


C1 C 1=N1, 2=N1;
C10 C 1=N9, 2=N1;
D1 CR A=N163, C=N138;C1 C 1=N1, 2=N1;
C1 = .022U, +20%, -20%, MSG='S13-217 PL#1 ';
CR3 = 800M, +5%, -5%, MSG='S13S-45 PL#77 ';
H1=N1; /* 1 U2-3 H 84/ 114 SMD */
H2=N2; /* 2 U5-14 H ** All 3 Pins SMD */


IC,U14,"P/N 74HCT74",74HCT74,95,96,97,98,85,84,83,82,81,92,93,99,100,101,102,103


\* Probe Spacing: 100 mils *\
P2 1 X 3.300 Y 0.300
P2 2 X 3.200 Y 0.200
P2 3 X 3.100 Y 0.300 238 - 2402
P2 4 X 3.000 Y 0.300 312 - 0502
CR2 1 X 5.275 Y 5.950
CR2 2 X 5.375 Y 5.950 378 - 1805
\* Probe Spacing: 75 mils *\
GP1 1 X 4.940 Y 5.610
GP4 1 X 2.475 Y 5.250
J1 1 X 0.700 Y 5.425 148 - 0104
J1 2 X 0.700 Y 5.504 123 - 2506
J1 3 X 0.779 Y 5.425 147 - 0005
J1 4 X 0.779 Y 5.504 122 - 0004


327GND D21 -2 A02X-063625Y+017450X0000Y0000
327GND D23 -2 A02X-060625Y+020950X0000Y0000
327GND D25 -2 A02X-063625Y+020950X0000Y0000
317GND J1 -5 D0670PA00X+000000Y+004510
317GND J10 -4 D0400PA00X-075000Y+003000 

GENERIC OUTPUT has every component pin. Can be used to setup various test equipment:

54 - VCC C1.1 X -4.800 Y 0.320 Top Smd
149 - GND C1.2 X -4.800 Y 0.180 Top   Smd
54 - VCC C10.1 X -5.125 Y 0.720 Bottom Smd
149 - GND C10.2 X -5.125 Y 0.580 Bottom Smd

As a bonus the conversion is compatible with our ProntoVIEW-MARKUP software and all other Unisoft OneFACTORY modules. With VIEW-MARKUP you can display the PC Board assembly and actively search test probes by number, components, pins, etc. Click here for more VIEW-MARKUP information.

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